Rock Climbing in Wayanad

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Activities of Cybele Hill Resort, Wayanad, Kerala - Jungle Side Activities

Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort offers the memorable activities of jungle resorts like trekking, campfire. In Wayanad trekking, there is no long linear route present. Wayanad trekking offers small trails that can be finished in just one day, some lasting only a few hours. The most important trekking in wayanad are chembra peak trek, the pakshipathalam trek, the banasura trek, the brahmagiri peak trek, thusharagiri trek and etc.

Rappeling in Wayanad


Rappelling is a climbing technique that is used to descend from mountains and cliffs by making a controlled slide down a fixed rope. Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort provides Rappelling as a means of adventure. A fantastic stay in wayanad by adding the flavours of adventurous activities makes everyone's day fill with joy.

Monkey Jumping


Toddlers love to jump, an activity that helps them learn a great deal about what their bodies can and cannot do. Since a jungle resort in wayanad, there are several adventurous activities provided in Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort including monkey jumping. Enjoy the enchanting beauty of wayanad by involving in these activities...

Rock Climping in Wayanad


Rock climbing is an activity in which everyone climbs up, down or across rock. The aim is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a usually pre-defined route without falling. Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort offers the opportunity for rock climbing as a means of making your trip adventurous.

Rappeling in Wayanad


Valley Crossing is a 100% Adventure sports activity, designed purely to get you that adrenaline rush. Experience the feeling of flying across a valley strung only from above, to a set of ropes. Proboscis offers a weekend-long, valley crossing adventure trip where the ultimate goal is pure adventure. The word adventure means different things for different people.