Jungle Resort in Wayanad

Jungle Resorts, Wayanad, Kerala

The Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort is one of the best jungle resorts in Wayanad. The Jungle Resort is fully surrounded by thick forest and it is tucked in top of the hills of Muttil. The guests can realize about adventure of jungle resort before entering the property. You can view the thick forest with wild animals crossing the roads by going trekking. Due to thick forest at day time it will be too dark, you can hear the bird’s music and waterfalls sounds in the early morning from the resort. And you can see the clouds moving around the sky in the evening of sunset. Once you enter to this property you can breathe the fresh oxygen from the jungle resort. Because once you enter to this property you can realize that you are in between of jungle forest, we also provide jungle safari based on guests requirements. You can view the distant hills and the mountain high and bright blue sky from the jungle cottage.

Jungle Resorts in Wayanad

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