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Wayanad Cybele Hill Kerala resorts has come to be known as one of the finest resorts in wayanad. Our accommodation in wayanad for tourists and residents.Wayanad Cybele Hill resort is a premium resort embeded in the greenery of wayanad, the district handpicked as one of the best tourist destination in kerala by National Geogrpahical Society. With the passion of hospitality and with the intention to focus wayanad globally as a best tourist destination, Mr. Mathew, the brain behind this venture is presenting an unexplored area of wayanad - named Wayanad Cybele hill Resort for travellers across the globe ! As the name stands for, Wayanad Cybele hill resort is really the Godess of Nature in all aspects ! Cool an soothing ambience, spectacular view points, Extreme of hospitality together with professional administration keeps Wayanad Cybele hill resorts outstanding and commendable among other resorts at wayanad. We are sure that visit to Wayanad Cybele Hill shall be once in a life time experience for everybody.

The Village Life Experience

Tribal Activities in Wayanad

The Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort is nearby adivasi tribal village. The guests can feel and realize the village life style of tribal directly while staying in Wayanad Cybele Hill Resort. Their life style is different compared to others, at the festival times the tribal dance with music it's quite interesting to watch.

The adivasi life style is no longer feasible for these women and men. They share their daily experiences and reflect on the dilemma of being an adivasi in the modern world. What it means to speak one's own language in public, wearing one's traditional dress in main stream society and the impact of modern agriculture.

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